Let’s Get RE : AL
Retail, fashion and arts maven, Al Abayan, opened his latest venture at 165 Hudson Street.(entrance is hidden around the corner on Laight St.) The name reads RE : AL, short for "Regarding: Al."

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Abayan moved to San Francisco when he was 19 and started fashion label, One By Two. In early 2002, he moved to New York City to open Japanese cult brand, Number (N)ine. He oversaw the North American business which included creating the TriBeCa boutique and showroom, for eight years before launching his own visionary retail space in 2011, Patron of The New. As the mastermind behind it, Abayan penned every detail, from inception, to branding, to store design, to the unveiling of the avant garde brand mix.  From 2011 to present, Abayan has also served as a consultant for brands; The Elder Statesman, TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist and Zadig & Voltaire.

When long time friend and accomplished hair diva Michael Matula, relocated his Mudhoney Hair Salon from SoHo to 165 Hudson, Abayan fell in love with the potential of the space and agreed to take up the invitation to share it. He says, "I’ve lived in Tribeca for 17 years and love the area. To be able to create another destination venue in the area is exciting for me. I call it a show space—a gallery and retail store, always evolving. After several successful retail ventures with partners, I wanted to return to something very me and personal like when I built my first space at the age of 21."

The RE : AL space, designed with friend architect and collaborator, Elizabeth Roberts, will turn over every few months with everything from fashion to ceramics, furniture, lighting and food. Abayan adds, “with all the changes in retail, I wanted to create something that reflects a part of who I am in
the hope that it encourages people to dream again. I love working with creatives and felt this was the perfect way to continue growing with amazing people, regardless of craft and medium, whether they are designers, musicians, artists or chefs."