RE : AL IS...

“With all the changes in retail, I wanted to create something that reflects a part of who I am in the hope that it makes people dream again.

I love working with creatives and felt this was the perfect way to continue growing with amazing people, regardless of craft and medium, whether they are designers, musicians, artists or chefs.”


RE : AL is a curated space that explores and showcases different ideas throughout the year, with everything from fashion to exquisite clay-work, furniture, lighting and, of all things, food!

For collaboration inquiries please contact us

Current Installment: The Gift Shop by RE:AL 

The Gift Shop is open limited hours due to current health situation,  hours Tuesday - Saturday 12-7 or our online shop 24 hours a day.  We have a selection of beautiful things curated by our Founder and Creative Director          Al Abayan.  Check Instagram to see a sampling of things in store. If you are in New York City come visit and see the space and view RE:AL's world.

Previous Installments:

Feb. 6, 2020 - Feb. 29, 2020: PastPresentFuture by Todd Thomas

New York fashion week launch of uber talented Todd Thomas' new collection, "PastPresentFuture" beautifully created womenswear. Old world glamour meets 2020 streets, including custom squiggle prints inspired from artist Belinda Stuart Lee's artwork. For more information feel free to contact us.


December 3, 2019 - January 31, 2020: The Gift Shop by RE : AL

The Gift Shop 2019 was curated by our founder and creative director Al Abayan.  He hand picked a selection of gifts items from around the world in addition to items from fellow creators in New York City. It was very well received and most likely will return for holiday 2020.  If you have a unique product and want to show us, please click "contact us" at the top of this section.

August 7, 2019 - August 24, 2019 : DDIRECTION

A showcase in collaboration with Objects In General and Elinor Stigle presented by RE : AL celebrating the Bauhaus period of furniture and lighting.  The space was converted to a beautiful gallery,  a Le Corbusier desk and Christian Dell lamps took center stage alongside a video piece from Ms. Stigle.  Pieces were not just on display but for sale.  If you missed the show please see images or contact us for more information.

April 2019 - July 2019 : RE : AL IS THE SOLOIST. SINCE 2018                                 

This showcase featured a collaboration betweenTAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist. and Al Abayan. Playing off the numerous souvenir shops they have encountered worldwide, they have created a unique line of items ranging from highly sought after mugs, to luxurious double looped cotton terry beach towels, to a reimagined classic Takahiro hoody, all emblazoned with the logo, "RE : AL IS THE SOLOIST SINCE 2018." The lineup is inclusive of the Converse X TheSoloist. collaboration of sneakers and clothing. Select items are still available on our website and look forward to a select few items from our souvenir shop in Tokyo soon.

March 1, 2019 – April 15, 2019 : Converse X Takahiromiyahsita TheSoloist.
A showcase celebrating the limited edition work/collaboration of Converse and Takahiromiyahsita TheSoloist. Converse and Takahiromiyahsita TheSoloist. come together to introduce a Triple Black iteration of the Converse ERX 260 Hi. Inspired by the intersection of Rock, Motorbike, and Basketball cultures. An ebony leather and suede stunner. 

November 1, 2018 – February 15, 2019 : The Elder Statesman's Winter Shop
RE : AL’s first showcase was The Elder Statesman's Winter Shop which ran from November 1st - February 15th.  Abayan hung the brand’s beloved neon sign in the window alongside one of the brands iconic symbols, the palm tree, a life size sculpture created from recycled cardboard and paper shopping bags.  Cashmere robes and stuffed toys sat next to large blanket installations hung on the yellow mustard wall. 

The Winter Shop was previously housed uptown in an iconic townhouse.